Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pharmacy Brands - Avène Skincare

Winter has made me break out with a terrible rash on my cheeks/jawline. It started last week when I sat right in front of a heater for far too long. It was made worse by my current state of stress as I write my final essays as the uni semester comes to an end. I do have quite sensitive skin when the weather gets a bit extreme, at other times it is quite dry.

In the past I've used DermAid Cream for the occasional skin irritation/eczema I get. I use the sensitive version, and it works well.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy, and wanted to get something light that would keep my skin hydrated, but not further irritate it. The pharmacicst quickly went over to the Avene stand, and couldn't reccommend the range highly enough. I had heard good things about it, but had never tried any of it.

Avene is a french company who have been recognised by dermatologists for helping all types of skin problems. Their Avene Hydrotherapy centre in France caters for over 4,000 people, and is reimbursed by the French Government under their Health Insurance. Over 3,000 studies have been done on Avene, with all their products containing their Thermal Spring Water.

They have products for skin with three levels of sensitivity:

First Degree: Sensitive

Characteristics: Skin occasionally experiences unpleasant feelings such as tingling, itching, and/or tightness. Sensitive skin usually results from a mild reaction to aggressions like the wind, cold, sun and/or over-zealous cleansing which are tolerated by normal skin.

Second Degree: Intolerant

Characteristics: Skin experiences tingling and tightness, but also shows signs of redness, scaling and/or burning. Intolerant skin is easily traumatised by external factors and often reacts to the application of skincare products that are not suited to that skin type. Minimal ingredients reduce the chances of reaction.

Third Degree: Atopic

Characteristics: Skin is allergic and experiences reactions characterised by eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, indications include dryness, itchiness and redness.

(taken from the Avene website).

I purchased the Thermal Spring Water, which was roughly $10 for the small 50ml can. It has a low mineral content and contains silica, and has a PH of 7.5. When spraying it my skin felt instantly cooled and soothed, and looked more hydrated at once. It's important to remember not to shake the can, which is a hard habit to break!

I would love to try a few more of their products.

Soothing Moisture Mask - $36.95

Lip Balm with Cold Cream - $19.95

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - $21.95

I really have gotten to like pharmacy brands in recent months, as they don't have a lot of added ingredients, or expensive marketing behind them. Do you like pharmacy brand skincare?

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